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We specialize in business aviation and air freight. We provide your aircraft with full-service support (handling, refueling, chartering, catering, flight dispatch, etc.). Our service team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our goal is to ensure service quality, dependable management of everything related to your flight and client well-being. Our success is built on our devotion to delivering bespoke, high-quality aviation solutions to our clients.


At Aviation Cargo Services, we know that fuel is our clients’ biggest variable cost. Because of that, we partner with selected suppliers to provide high-quality fuel at the most competitive price. We work around the clock to meet our clients’ fuel requirements on demand and anywhere in the world. We proactively advise our clients on the best value alternatives, sharing tax exemption opportunities and providing personal assistance to make sure that every flight is a success.


We treat our clients’ cargo like our own and offer charter and freight services that deliver their shipments on time and under the best possible terms. All the freight we carry is handled in accordance with aviation industry safety and security standards.



We have the expertise, experience and global network needed to provide full-service flight support:

  • Flight permits
  • Landing permits
  • Handling and Catering services
  • Hotel reservations
  • Crew transport
  • Customs and immigration
  • APIS
  • Chauffeured vehicles
  • CBP Border Overflight Exemption
  • Cleaning services


Route analysis and flight dispatch: Precise flight plans and weather reports to support the pilots on every flight:

  • Route analysis
  • Weather reports and NOTAMs
  • Slot management
  • ATC flight plans
  • Operational flight plans
  • Weight and balance sheets
  • Airport analysis
  • Flight plan submission to the FMS
  • Crew dispatch
  • ETOPS flight dispatch


We work together with our clients designing flight plans and customized routes with the aim of optimizing all aspects related to the flight. Our route design service provides better benefits for our customers:

Flight optimization

Measurable cost savings

Schedule flexibility

Adequate slots management

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Call us: 00 34 679785510
visit us: Madrid. Spain.